A Taste of SRO: They’re Kind of a B16 Deal!

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The opening night of SRO at Greenwich High School marked the first-ever SRO in the new performing arts center. The center is so spacious that there may never be “standing room only,” but it is a stellar venue for the always-massive cast of seniors.

big pancake

Big Pancake and Becca P in a video segment called Cards in the Halls.

The opening featured a slide show of SRO over the years. Did you know that waaaay back in the day it was called Senior Vaudeville?

While some are adamant that having a traditional marching band in uniform equates to school spirit, the Cardinal Crazies are living evidence that GHS has tons of spirit.

Other highlights include a presidential debate with great impressions of Ben Carson, Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, who suggested getting rid of all freshmen. After all they walk too slow and they steal chairs from the senior section in the student center.

SRO continues Friday, March 4 and Saturday March 5 at 7:00 pm.

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SRO dance

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