PHOTOS: Tremendous Talent on Display in GHS Spring Musical, “Grease”

Don’t miss the annual spring musical at GHS. The theater department will perform Grease on May 14, 15 and 16. The production is directed by Patty Cirigliano, with musical direction by David Johnson, technical direction by Scott Borowka and choreogrpahy by Davyd Suber Jr.

Ms. Cirigliano, the director of musicals at the high school, said that the cast is exceptionally talented this year.

In leading roles are Patty Kohn as Sandy, Oliver Prose as Danny, Grace Barber as Rizzo, Santi MacLean as Kenicke, Gabby Finkelstein as Marty, Ian White as Sonny, Courtney Hanley as Jan, Michael Busani as Roger, Carly Polistina as  Frenchy and Kevin Downey as Doody.

The GHS production includes three drive-in movie characters: the Scientist, Hero and Sheila, played by Henry Cohen, Peter Ferrarese and Audrey Sherr respectively.

“This year we have a really fantastic tech team,” said Henry. “And Scotty is the best,” he said referring to Scott Borowka. “And the choreography is stunning. Better than in years.”

The last of the theater productions at GHS following the musical is the Scholarship Showcase, which is something of a farewell tradition. But, Henry explained during dress rehearsal a week before opening night, it’s never really over. “The way it’s scheduled is we are auditioning for Shakespeare at the end of this year so we can start right away in the fall.”

In supporting roles are Jack Ullrich as Johnny Casino, Nick Kach as Teen Angel,  Andrew Schenck as Vince Fontaine,Chris DeSantis as Eugene, Valentina Ruiz-Jimenez as Patty, Natalie Wallington as Miss Lynch, Melissa Fraoili as the Radio Singer, Kristen Ragusa as Cha Cha,Peter Ferrarese as the Hero, Henry Cohen as the Scientist, and Audrey Sherr as the Shiela.

The dance captains for the show are Maddie English, Katie Hoffmeister and Cayla Smith. Featured dancers include Gabi Bastek, Emily Bass, Alex Braverman, Amanda Brea, Augustina Buscaglia, Lana Caroleo, Cholo Cruz, Skye Gillespie, Jean Gordon, Nick Kach, Eden Kaufman, Maxine King, Catalina Ruiz-Jimenez, Rosario Martella, Lucy Mini, Christo Popham, Sylvia Probst, Anika Rabenhorst, Chole Tachibana and Valentina Torresi.

Members of the ensemble include Kelley Alogna, Julia Bibeault, James Bonney, Ian Bouslough, Audrey Brandes, Sam Carbino, Jenna Conti, Olivia Dallape, Paige Edmonds, JJ Evans, Elizabeth Fernandez, Will Freder, Alexandra Frumin, Augusto Gardel, Devon Gordon, Katherine Hurst, Lacey Kennedy, Brittany Loveless, Sarah Mathes, Logan Muskus, Sophia Orlando, Nicole Perez, Drew Sangston, Gaia Sarfarti, Kat Sarkissian, Alex Sklarz, Valeria Toro, Emma Tulchinsky and Sarah Walker.

Stage managers are Fernando Collada, Annie Martino and Megan Muratore. Tickets are $20. Reservations Tel (203) 863-8808.

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