Tesla Driver Crosses Country, Twice. Stops in Greenwich. Attempts to Earn Spot in Guinness Book of World Records

Wifler in his Tesla with his co-pilot

Dave Wifler hopes to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by driving from Bellingham, Washington to Boston, then Washington DC and back to Washington via California. Credit: Leslie Yager

Update: To clarify, the Guinness Book of World Records goal is for distance in an electric car, not speed. Mr. Wifler said he didn’t want to break any speed limits during his journey.

Friday morning’s Board of Selectmen meeting had a short agenda and an audience of five, including reporters. One guest asked to take a photo of the Selectmen to document his visit in Greenwich. Dale Wifler, a former truck driver, is in the process of driving his Tesla electric car from his home in Bellingham, Washington to Boston and back home via California. In each state he is stopping in a town that has a Tesla supercharger station and, from there seeking to meet the mayor, or, in the case of Greenwich, the First Selectman.

Wifler explained that he was going to make the journey with a passenger, but that didn’t work out. Instead, he decided to bring along his stuffed bear. Though that caused a few double-takes in the Town Hall parking lot, it was a good conversation starter and the stuffed animal doubles as a pillow when Mr. Wifler sleeps in his car.

supercharger map

Wifler’s printout of Tesla Supercharger stations, indicated by red dots. The car’s computerized dashboard also features a self-updating list of recharging stations depending on proximity. Credit: Leslie Yager


Wifler said that in Canada he was stopped at the border where customs guards searched his Tesla. He said he was asked to step away from the car and turn over his keys, which he did.

“They didn’t realize I have a front trunk. They thought it was an engine. They didn’t even open it. The whole car was trashed after they were done, but they didn’t touch anything in the front trunk,” Wifler said. “There’s a small motor under the axles.”

Wifler with his Tesla

Dale Wifler popped the trunk of his Tesla to reveal there is indeed no motor inside. The Tesla’s small motor is between the car’s axels. Credit: Leslie Yager

Dave Wifler

Dale Wifler with his Tesla at Greenwich Town Hall on Friday, Aug. 21, 2015. Credit: Leslie Yager


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  • EV Lover

    How can we keep track of his progress in real time please?

    • greenwichfreepress

      I have Dale’s email. I’ll ask him to stay in touch with his progress. (no website or FB). – Leslie

  • Vin DiMarco

    As the former biggest EV lover in town, I was drawn to this article, and I conitnue to love GFP for running stories that matter to people. But it left me disappointed for a number of reasons. The least of which is that it did not explain what record the Telsa owner is chasing, or trying to establish. A followup article could shed some real insight (subtle pun) and history of the on-again, off-again, but slowly progressing alternative fuel movement and acceptance in Greenwich. I’ll be happy to provide what I know of it, and perhaps back it up with some documents and photos, too. That article, too, might move on the explore the parallel story of alternative transportation. Greenwich – the Town and many residents – were at the forefront on both decades ago, but in my view fell off the bandwagon due to its general reluctance (fear?) of change.

    In the meantime, the Telsa website itself provides some interesting insights within in the comments found in the “discussion” section regarding the Superchargers mentioned in the article, which is found here:


  • greenwichfreepress

    If anyone missed it, here is our article on Tesla, including our test drive from earlier this summer.