Barbara O’Neill: Peter Bernstein Stands Alone – Experience, Integrity, and Collaboration

Letter to the editor from Board of Education member and former Chair, Barbara O’Neill

 Over 1,000 Republicans signed petitions to ensure Peter Bernstein would be placed on the ballot after the Republican Town Committee refused to endorse him because he did not support charter change. His successful drive to collect the necessary signatures – even while being harassed in that effort demonstrates his resolve and earnest determination to continue his dedicated service to the Greenwich community through a second term on the Board of Education.

What the Board needs more than ever is a person like Peter Bernstein who has demonstrated he can work collaboratively with other Board members. His service on the Negotiations, Policy Governance and the New Lebanon Building Committees and now working with our outstanding new superintendent confirms his ability to be a team player.

Past superintendents agree the relationship of the Board to the superintendent, determines the success or failure of a superintendent’s tenure. Board members who fail to focus on policy and pursue personal agendas lead to the premature departure of superintendents.

By electing the most effective team, we can put a stop to the revolving door of superintendents that has gone on far too long. Peter Bernstein has the right skill set to work with the Board and the superintendent thereby assuring continuity in the superintendent’s office. Only with continuity of leadership will the schools reach even greater heights of achievement, innovation, and responsiveness to the community.

Please join me in voting for Peter Bernstein on Nov 7 Row 12B

Barbara O’Neill
Board of Education

Editor’s Note: The deadline for submitting letters to the editor for candidates for the Nov 7 election is Oct 31