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Greenwich Planning & Zoning Approves Brunswick’s Middle School Expansion to Tudor’s King Street Headquarters

Brunswick’s attorney said it was still possible that GEMS might be able to use a building on the property, which is being sold to the school from Paul Tudor Jones. GEMS is temporarily located in a trailer adjacent to the Griff golf course. Continue Reading →

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Brunswick School Headmaster Weighs in on Topic of Sexual Assault

“I have concluded that the past few weeks have raised issues in the political arena that are more widespread than one political party or another — specifically in terms of the issue of sexual assault… Brunswick’s mission is ‘to prepare young men for life,’ and we expect and trust that that ‘life’ will be a challenging and fulfilling one conducted at all times in a way that is respectful of others. All Brunswick students must understand that there is no room for confusion about another person’s complete control over his or her own body.” – Tom Philip, Brunswick School Headmaster Continue Reading →

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