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Riverside School Parties on Earth Day with Worms, Pill Bugs, Food Scraps and Compost


Friday, April 22 was Earth Day, and at Riverside School, a pilot program that taught children about composting came to fruition. The project involves leaves, food scraps and worms – the key ingredients in the school’s compost bins. The project was a collaboration among many, starting with Aleksandra Moch an environmental analyst for the Town of Greenwich. She worked with colleagues in town hall, Riverside School Principal Christopher Weiss, school’s staff, the PTA, parent volunteers, Greenwich Parks & Rec who held onto leaves collected in the fall, cafeteria workers and custodians – everyone came together with a shared goal. On Earth Day, students burst out of the cafeteria doors and across the blacktop to tables set up by Ms. Moch and volunteers, who greeted them with penguin pledges, worms and pill bugs. Continue Reading →

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