Remediation Time: GHS Campus Closures Over the Summer

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School’s out. In Greenwich that means time to ramp up remediation work on the GHS campus. This summer remediation work will take place on the south side of campus, by the theater wing and tennis courts. 2 rows of school busesatGHS

Specific remediation activities for this summer include the construction of a staging area for contractors to enter from Route 1, vegetation removal, excavation of impacted soil, roil replacement, and site restoration.

This process will cause some closures in order to allow soil remediation activities.

  • The southern parking lot, Cardinal Stadium, tennis courts, and school pool will be closed until August 18.
  • Athletics fields 2, 3, and 4 will only be open for use on the weekends during that time period.
  • Parking for these fields will be in the western and northern lots. Visitors and staff have the option of parking in the front of the school or on Hillside Rd.

Final site restoration activities are planned for the summer of 2015. More information is available on the Greenwich Public Schools website under “GHS and MISA Environmental Testing.”

If you are curious, here is a list of FAQs and their answers:

What is happening at GHS this summer for soil remediation?
Work is being done to remove and replace “impacted” soil on the southern portion of the

Why isn’t the whole site being cleaned up? When will that be done?
The environmental cleanup of the site is being done in phases. This first phase includes
the cleanup of the southern portion. We hope to begin the next phase in the summer
2015, which will include removal of impacted soil near the west parking lot and athletic
fields 2, 3, and 4.

Are the other areas not being cleaned up now still safe for use?
The site continues to be safe for its current use (high school and athletic fields). The comprehensive environmental study conducted on the Site, which included a Human Health Risk Assessment completed in accordance with Federal Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, confirmed that the cleanup measures taken in the fall of 2012 (when surface soil was removed from several small areas around the athletic fields) were protective (impacted areas were removed), and that no new impacted surface areas were found. Both Federal and State regulators have been involved throughout the study and the Risk Assessment, and have reviewed and agreed with the findings from this study. The remaining impacts that will be addressed in future cleanup actions at the Site are located beneath the surface, where people are not coming in contact with the material.

Where is the material going?
Material will be hauled to disposal facilities that are permitted by State regulations to accept the material in accordance with the State’s strict safety standards.

What is the schedule / how long will work go on?
Work is slated to start at the end of school and be complete in time for the high school’s athletic program to begin on August 18th. Some minor work may continue after school starts, such as activity to make sure any grass seed put down is growing, and that sedimentation and erosion controls are still in place and functioning where required.

Who is doing the work?
The work is being executed by EQ Northeast, under the daily supervision of AECOM, a consultant working with the Town’s Department of Public Works. The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and the US Environmental
Protection Agency are also overseeing work.

Will I be impacted? What happens if there is bad weather?
Work will be monitored throughout and no off-site impacts are expected. The contractor
is required to protect the site in all weather conditions, and is experienced in this type of
remediation work and appropriate site control measures.

Is it safe to walk by?
Yes. Again, work will be monitored throughout and no off-site impacts are expected.

Are any fields open for use during the summer?
Parks and Recreation has the use of Fields 5, 6, and 7 during the week and on the
weekends, with the added use of Fields 2, 3 and 4 on the weekends. Cardinal Field is closed, because the Board of Education is performing maintenance on it this summer. Routine maintenance will also be performed on the tennis courts this summer. Both these areas are closed to the public to allow the soils remediation contractor to perform work without interruption.

What is happening to Cardinal Field itself this summer?
The BOE is resurfacing the track at Cardinal Field this summer. This is routine
maintenance work and will be coordinated with other activities at the site.

What if I need to go to the school this summer – where can I park?

  • The school is closed this summer except for minor administrative business. For this purpose, visitors may park in the spaces in front of the school or out on the street.
  • To attend athletic events on Fields 5-7, parking is available in the northern lots. On the weekends (when Fields 2, 3, and 4 are also available for use), parking is available in these areas as well as the western lot.
  • The southern parking lot is closed to the public for the summer.
  • All lots will be available again when school is back in operation.

Why were trees removed / who allowed this and will they be put back?
Trees have to be removed to allow impacted soils to be removed and replaced. Final
landscape plans to restore the site will be prepared with the goal of implementing them in the Summer 2015.

Will traffic flow be impacted by this project?
We do not expect significant traffic impacts this summer. However, there will be days
when trucks will be entering and leaving the site – hauling away impacted material and
bringing new material in. When this is occurring from the Route 1/Putnam Avenue
access, traffic control will be in place to help keep traffic moving safely. We will use Police Officer for this work. However, this is not expected to be a daily event.

Will it be dirty/dusty?
Part of the work includes dust monitoring. The workers will be aware of these
conditions, and will spray down the area and sweep the street as necessary during the
work to prevent emissions of dirt and dust.

Will it be loud?
We don’t expect so. Trucks will be entering/exiting the site, and machinery will be
operating, but these are standard construction operations and are not expected to create
significant noise levels.

What are the work hours?
Work will be completed during normal works hours from Monday through Friday.

Will there be an announcement when this is done?
Please check our website for monthly updates on the progress of this work.

What if I have questions about what is going on?
Please contact Kim Eves, Greenwich Public Schools communications director for additional information: