New Lebanon School Building Project: Drilling & Blasting Complete

Greenwich Schools released a statement on March 5, saying that the following work has been accomplished:

• Ledge drilling and blasting is now complete
• Continuous deliveries of fill material via dump truck have now been completed

Work anticipated for the coming weeks:

• Rock Crushing on-site will be ongoing
• Topsoil Screening on-site will be ongoing
• Foundation Layout and Concrete placement
• Site Excavation and Underground Utilities; Storm drainage
• Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment coordination is underway
– Curriculum and Technology Departments are providing respective comments

This intra-district elementary International Baccalaureate magnet school will serve 374 students in grades PreK-5.

The centrally located learning commons, equipped with flexible furnishings and adaptable technological infrastructure, allows for multiple zones of simultaneous learning.

The building is designed to meet the sustainability goals established by the Educational Specifications and to achieve a gold-level LEED rating from US Green Building Council.

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