“Live Like Luke” Saturday is Luke Meyers Beach Clean Up at Tod’s Point

This Saturday, Nov 16 from 9:00am to 1:00pm there will be a beach cleanup at Tod’s Point for Luke Meyers, 15, a Greenwich High School student who is passionate about the environment.

Luke is a member of the GHS Cross Country team who have moved their Saturday morning practice in order to be there.

Science teachers are giving extra credit for students who volunteer.

There are posters throughout GHS and t-shirts have been made.

Madison Peltier, who runs the Environmental Action Club at Greenwich High School along with Bob Conlan, said she admires Luke’s kind spirit and love for the environment.

“Luke is a passionate environmentalist and is an executive board member of the Environmental Action Club along with being a volunteer in numerous town organizations,” Peltier said.

Ms. Peltier said the goal of the beach clean up is to share Luke’s vision and fill the beach with volunteers willing to spend a couple hours cleaning a space that is beloved by the Greenwich community.

“Luke is a student in my Honors Chemistry class, and some of you may know him. He is a kind, bright, and strong-willed individual who has a passion for science and raising awareness,” said Angela Bylo, Luke’s teacher.

Luke Meyers at Tod's Point. Contributed photo.

Luke Meyers at Tod’s Point. Contributed photo.