Less Stress and More Success: Greenwich Education Group to Offer Free College Application Seminar

Greenwich Education Group is organizing a their 4th annual free college application seminar, featuring an expert panel. The goal is to help families navigate a particularly stress-inducing aspect of the college admission process.

The title of the seminar is “Anxiety and the College Application Process” and the event is set for Thursday, October 18th at 7:00pm at the Arch Street Teen Center.

The presentation is open to parents and students, and will feature a panel discussion as well as a question and answer session.

All attendees will be entered into a drawing to win an Initial College Counseling Consultation, a service valued at $250. (Entrants must be present at the time of the drawing in order to win).

Topics to be covered in this free seminar will include:

  • Statistics on tri-state students applying to the nation’s top colleges
  • What colleges look for in successful applicants
  • Tips for parents and students on combating social pressures from peers
  • Tools for mitigating anxiety

In announcing the latest installment of this program, Victoria Newman, founder and Executive Director of Greenwich Education Group said her group’s focus is on making sure that each student has the best educational experience possible.

“Our successful launch of this free college seminar three years ago, in cooperation with our Arch Street partners, showed us that parents and students are seeking advice and guidance in achieving a successful outcome,” Newman said. “Every child has their own story to tell and our college team and essay specialists expertly guide each client. This is the hallmark of GEG’s college advisory practice.”

Kyle Silver, Executive Director of Arch Street, The Greenwich Teen Center said he appreciates the synergy achieved in working with GEG, given the important nature of the seminar.

“The college application process can feel fairly intimidating for the entire family,” Silver said. “We are pleased to be working with GEG to give students and parents the opportunity to lower the anxiety level that comes with this challenge.”

Program panelists will include:

Marie Dolan, College Admissions Consultant for Greenwich Education Group
Marie has extensive experience helping students and families successfully navigate the college admission process to find the school best suited to a student’s individual needs and goals. Marie helps her clients present the strongest possible applications. She stays current on educational trends by visiting more than forty schools a year. “The college application process can be an exciting journey of self-discovery,” Marie stated. “Unfortunately, for many students and families, it can also prompt anxiety and stress. There are ways to manage the process so that choosing a college is a positive and empowering experience. We are thrilled to bring our expertise on best practices to the Greenwich community in this free event.”

Diane Iris Ferber, Executive Director, The Collaborative Center for Learning and Development
Drawing upon her professional training and her background as a school psychologist, Diane develops and oversees programs and support resources for students who have learning differences (including executive function disorders) and/or social/emotional needs, such as anxiety. “We know that even the most capable student experiences some level of anxiety related to academics,” said Diane. “In a time when student anxiety in general is on the rise, it is important that we as parents are aware of our kids’ levels of stress and ensure that our children are supported emotionally as well as academically.”

James Donovan, College Counselor, Greenwich Education Group

After graduating Princeton with a bachelors in sociology and four National Titles in the sport of rowing, James went on to balance his time between coaching junior crew and tutoring young minds. With over a decade of tutoring and college consulting experience, as well as many successes guiding students to their dream colleges, James has become an expert at navigating the path to college.

For more information about this free seminar and to register, please visit www.CollegeandAnxiety.com.

Greenwich Education Group, a US Small Business Administration Award winner, is a multidivisional educational organization that strives to support every facet of a child’s academic, social, and emotional development. Our NEASC-accredited day schools (Links Academy, The Pinnacle School, and The Spire School) offer individualized instruction to an array of learners. Our curricula and teaching methods are as diverse as our students.

Additionally, GEG offers a full slate of ancillary services, including tutoring, standardized test preparation, educational consulting, and college counseling. Sessions take place in our centers, in home, and online. Specialized services for differentiated learners of all ages are delivered at our award-winning Collaborative Center for Learning and Development. Our philosophy of individualized education targets each student’s needs by building on their strengths. Learn more about our programs at www.greenwichedgroup.com.

Arch Street is the longest-running privately funded teen center in America, providing a drug- and alcohol-free environment where teens can initiate and organize activities that improve their social lives and provide opportunities for leadership and community service. Arch Street is a Connecticut 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity. We are grateful to all of the Arch Street friends, supporters, and students who help make our program a success. For more information, visit www.ArchStreet.org.

For more information about this free seminar and to register, please visit www.CollegeandAnxiety.com.

Arch Street Teen Center is located at 100 Arch Street in Greenwich.