Greenwich Education Group Launches Student Concierge Service

In the current climate of COVID-19, parents are tasked with helping to educate their children through distance learning in addition to their current demands of working remotely, managing their households, providing assistance to elderly parents, and maintaining a safe, well-stocked and sanitized household. Many parents are understandably overwhelmed.

For those with students that need additional support often not provided by the school, Greenwich Education Group’s Learning and Development Center is launching an exclusive Student Concierge Service.

The program will be tailored to the unique needs of each child and can include liaising with teachers, special education resources, social-emotional support, and executive function coaching, all done remotely. Our highly experienced team of Concierge, comprised of teachers, tutors, and specialists, will check-in with students and parents as it works best for the family, whether daily, weekly, or several times throughout the course of the school day. The program can include, but is not limited to, assessment; counseling; academic skills coaching; test preparation; and tutoring services targeted toward unique learners of all academic abilities and age groups, including those with executive functions challenges, anxiety, learning differences, writing and math challenges, adaptive social skills, language skills, and emotional regulation skills.

GEG is offering a 30-minute consultation with parents to understand the needs of the student and will provide a customized Student Concierge proposal to serve as a blueprint in helping to end the school year strong for the student and take some of the burden off of parents.

Since 2003, Greenwich Education Group has been providing students with the exact support needed to achieve academic success. Through several lines of businesses, GEG has been a pioneer in remote learning. Each student receives personal attention, individualized instruction, and an enormous array of resources to help them reach their full academic potential. While the focus has always been on the student, the support and delivery have varied from small groups to one-to-one both in-person and online.

The Greenwich Education Group Learning & Development Center is in the unique position as a leader delivering student-centric support services. Colleen Ryan, Director of Instructional Services, states, “We understand that parents are feeling stress and uncertainty about the current educational experience in a COVID world. Whether the student is in elementary, middle, high school, or college, families are looking for information, resources, support, and flexible options to help their children continue their education while we exercise social distancing”.

She added, “Our goal in creating a Student Concierge is to start a meaningful conversation on how best to balance students’ learning needs as well as social-emotional needs. We can create individualized programs tailored to meet the unique learning style of each student through comprehensive assessment, coaching, and tutoring activities wholly focused on the needs and capabilities of each student”.

Ms. Ryan continued, “The focus is to create customized, targeted plans of action that leverage each individual student’s strengths while addressing the student’s roadblocks and challenges, and by identifying and implementing strategies to overcome obstacles to academic and life success.”

For more information and to schedule a 30-minute consultation, please contact Colleen Ryan at 203.489.5156 or [email protected], or visit