GHS Students Quarantined after Student Tests Positive for Covid-19

UPDATE: The district issued a correciton to their earlier email to say the student who tested positive was in the Cardinals cohort,not the Greenwich cohort. “As such, the student has been remote this entire week and has not been on campus since last Friday, October 9th,” the district said in the update.

Original story: Greenwich High School reopened six weeks ago in a “hybrid model,” where students are divided into the “Greenwich” and the “Cardinal” cohorts, each attending school in person two days a week, either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday.

On Wednesday, families learned that a student in the “Greenwich” cohort had tested positive for Covid-19.

Families received an email from Greenwich Schools Head of Nursing Mary Keller saying that after thorough contact tracing, 15 GHS students were placed in quarantine.

Also, Nurse Keller said the district was notified about an additional positive case from a non-GHS student who exposed 14 GHS students as a result of an outside activity.

Those 14 students, coming from both the “Greenwich” and “Cardinal” Cohorts, were also placed in quarantine.

Nurse Keller said the district will remain vigilant in keeping families informed as guided by local health officials.

She thanked families for adhering to daily health checks to keep the community healthy and safe.

Last week, Central Middle School principal Tom Healy emailed families in one of the school’s 100-student cohort, the 6-1 Cohort, to say that a family had informed the school that their child tested positive for Covid-19 after a weekend sporting event.

On October 6, Mr. Healy and Nurse Lori Fierro said the student had not been in school since Oct 2 and that contact tracing determined that there was one additional CMS student impacted who had since self-quarantined and not returned to school.

“This event was not school-related, and we have been advised by the Department of Health that no other precautions are necessary at this time,” they said in the email.

Update on cohort 6-1 Oct 15 would be the 14th day of quarantine for a student that was last in school on October 2.

Update on cohort 7-1: On Tuesday the district informed families, “It has been confirmed with the Greenwich Department of Health and PS Head of Nursing that Central Middle School, Cohort 7-1 is safe to return to school for in-person learning on Wednesday, October 14.”

The district completed contact tracing.

“As a result of the one staff member who tested positive, there are 5 additional staff members and 2 students who will be quarantined due to exposure and those families and staff members have been personally notified,” they wrote.

The entire building was deep cleaned and sanitized Monday night to disinfect it. A second round of sanitizing and disinfecting took place again Tuesday afternoon/evening.

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