LETTER: Arzeno knows what it means to serve his community.

Submitted by Aiden Connerty, Cos Cob

To the Editor,

In an age where the word “politician” is associated with so much negativity: “corrupt, self serving, narcissist, special interests”… I find comfort in the fact that Hector Arzeno is redefining what it means to run for office. 

Hector knows what it means to serve his community. He spent time on the RTM, on several key committees, he’s an active conservationist who works tirelessly to restore Greenwich’s coastline, he is a GHS tour guide for new Greenwich families, a member of the PTA, and a volunteer in GHS’s science wing.

Despite a very successful career as a financial executive he remains humble and grateful to be able to give back. He spoke to me recently about why he chose to volunteer at GHS making copies for teachers, because it was his first job as a young man. Hector’s trajectory from the PTA to the RTM exemplifies a committed foundation to understanding our community, a very important trait one needs as a State Representative.

This is a foundation that his opponent has not taken the time to build, made apparent by Arora’s lack of familiarity with Greenwich High School.

Instead, the clear choice is Hector, a community man. His track record shows that he will look out for his neighbors throughout the 151st district, no matter their age, race, income, or gender.

Furthermore, Hector’s work at home and abroad shows he can communicate ideas and policies successfully with a diverse range of people. With 40 years of experience in international finance and his work with new Greenwich families, we know that he is supportive, thoughtful, and in touch with the needs and wishes of a variety of groups. 

Hector’s background in finance makes fiscal discipline a second nature for him, but his enduring commitment to Greenwich impels him to balance this with an understanding that investments yield dividends when appropriated correctly.

As a graduate of the Greenwich Public School system, I appreciate that he has advocated for the funding necessary for vital services provided to our residents by the Department of Human Services and especially the Board of Education, while also making sure that each penny is spent efficiently. 

Hector is not an ideologue who will avoid compromise, like many of the politicians we hear of today. Hector is a man who cares about his community and will stop at nothing, no detail or problem too small, to retain and improve the quality of life for the residents of District 151.

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