2016 Distinguished Teacher Award Recipients Announced!

distinguished teachers

2015 Distinguished teachers: Cathy Byrne, Luz Desrouilleres, Richard Crawford, Maryann Franchella, Maryann Jagodzinski and Diana Willie.

The Greenwich Distinguished Teachers Awards Committee announced on Wednesday the recipients of the 2016 Distinguished Teachers Awards:

  • Ana Chejin-Danielsen, New Lebanon School, TESOL-Bilingual
  • Julie Cofone, North Mianus School, Grade 5
  • Sarah Goldin, Greenwich High School, Science-AVID-Innovation Lab
  • Sarah Harris, North Mianus School, Kindergarten
  • Jeannine Madoff, International School at Dundee, Media
  • Ian Tiedeman, Greenwich High School, Social Studies

 The Distinguished Teachers Awards Committee, established in 1984, has worked on the selection process for this year’s recipients for the last eight months. The Committee selects the Distinguished Teachers from nominations made by colleagues, parents, students, administrators and/or community members based on criteria outlined in the nomination packet.

The recipients will be recognized at the Board of Education meeting on Thursday, April 21 at Riverside School at 7:00pm. The DISTINGUISHED TEACHERS AWARDS CEREMONY will take place at the Greenwich High School Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, May 3 at 4:00pm.

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Mara Adelsberg of GHS, Cheryl Iozzo of North Street School, Sheri McGowan of Riverside School, James Micik of Eastern Middle School, Robert Walsh of Eastern Middle School and Lin Yuan Young of GHS.

2014 Distinguished teachers: Mara Adelsberg of GHS, Cheryl Iozzo of North Street School, Sheri McGowan of Riverside School, James Micik of Eastern Middle School, Robert Walsh of Eastern Middle School and Lin Yuan Young of GHS.


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  • Jodi Weisz

    Once again, I am sad to see there are no distinguished teachers from the Title 1 schools.

    • Jodi Weisz

      I have said it time and time again, there needs to be a redistribution of great teachers from the Eastern side of Town to the Western side of Town as part of the solution to close the achievement gap.

      Teachers matter. Distinguished teachers need to be assigned to NL, HAM AVE and JC.

  • greenwichfreepress

    Actually there is an amazing teacher, Ana Chejin-Danielsen, from New Lebanon School! And last year the amazing Cathy Byrne from Hamilton Ave.

  • The truth

    Please do not think that this award, or the standardized test scores, are any reflection on the quality of the staff on either side of town. Mediocrity can be perceived as excellence when the gene pool is so inflated, as it is in the white schools on the Eastern side of town. There is some poor teaching that gets masked. Conversely, some of the best staff I have ever seen, roll up their sleeves and work with the most challenging students. They will never be recognized for their work, outside of their own buildings. It is a dangerous myth to perpetuate that the only good teachers are in the white schools. They are the easiest schools to work in (minus the parents), they are not the schools with the best staff! Far from it! Many of those perceived as ‘distinguished’ would really struggle if reassigned to one of the Title one schools. (P.S. Western MS had three of the six awardees last year)

    • Jodi Weisz

      I am very certain that there are great teachers on the Western side of Town. Teachers still need to be distributed according to what is best for the DISTRICT and not be allowed to think they work for one school.

      With the achievement gap that we have teachers play a role.

      • greenwichfreepress

        Jodi, I would ask you in the nicest most respectful way, how much time have you spent inside Greenwich Public Schools? Do you volunteer somewhere? Have you taught in a public school in Greenwich? What is the basis for your strong opinions?