Wrong-Way Driver in Mason/Milbank Rotary Charged with DUI

Marilyn Lizbeth Diaz, 19,  of 19 Wells Ave in Stamford was arrested for DUI and and Improper Direction in a Rotary  after going the wrong way around the rotary at the busy intersection of Mason Street and Milbank Ave.

The incident took place on Saturday around 8:30am. At that time, Greenwich Police were detailed to the scene of an accident that involved a car that had struck another while traveling the wrong direction in the rotary. According to the police, the driver, Ms Diaz, appeared confused and evasive during the investigation.

Ms. Diaz acknowledged having gone the wrong way around the rotary. Police report that she  had glassy eyes and the odor associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverage on her breath. She denied having consumed any alcohol prior to driving, but failed sobriety tests. After she was charged she was issued a court date of June 20 and posted her $250 bond.