The Wedding Smashers. Thieves Break Car Windows, Steal Cash, Purses during Wedding

Greenwich Police car

On July 16th around 6:00pm, thieves smashed in windows of a both Porsche and an Escalade in the parking lot of at Tamarack Country Club while a wedding was taking place.

“Both were newer cars, and had purses locked inside,” said Greenwich Police Lt. Kraig Gray, adding that purses and a few hundred dollars were stolen.

“It’s been a long time since there’s been a larceny where windows were smashed,” Gray said. “Typically the cars are unlocked,” he continued.

“People will root around in the cars looking for money to buy drugs. It’s like bait,” Gray continued, referring to leaving valuables inside a car.


  • So sorry about the lovely people who lost their valuables and had their luxury car windows smashed but come on. Were they never taught to not leave valuables in their cars? Maybe they need to re-learn the basics.

  • Allison Vera

    In a public parking lot, yes. But at a country club with lots of people coming and going, I might have left things.