Warrant for Burglary in Byram Catches up With Local Teen

Keanu Meza, 19, of 7 S New Street in Greenwich was arrested by Greenwich Police on Tuesday on outstanding warrant Criminal Attempt at Burglary 3rd degree.

The warrant stemmed back to an incident on May 24, when Meza attempted to burglarize an apartment at 121 N Water St. According to Greenwich Police, Meza was about to enter an apartment after cutting two small holes in a screen, when the property owner returned home.

The homeowner related that Meza suddenly appeared in the driveway and hurriedly left the property. Investigating officers were able to positively identify Meza as the suspect of the attempted burglary and obtained a warrant for his arrest.

Meza was able to post his $10,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in Stamford Superior court on Aug 9, 2016.