UPDATE: Greenwich Tree-Power-GPD task force Reopening High Priority Roads; National Guard to Distribute MREs to Residents

The Town of Greenwich Tree-Power-GPD Tropical Strom Isaias task force update as of 8:30am, Aug 8, 2020:

22.47% of Greenwich still has no power.

• There are 43 roadways that are completely blocked. Seven are high priority and will be attended to first.

High priority means emergency vehicles cannot get in a road and/or the residents have no access via a detour.

72 Partial Openings. These are roads where a tree or wire is blocking one travel lane, but traffic is passable around the block.

12 Open with Debris. The roadway is open, but there is a large number of tree debris, trees on the wire, and or wires along the shoulder.


Closed roadways as of Saturday, Aug 8, 9:00am.

The Town of Greenwich Tree-Power-GPD task force is in operation and will be addressing the remaining high priority roadways.

There are several Eversource contractors in Town as well at locations determined by Eversource. Contact Eversource for outage information.

On Friday afternoon, the Connecticut National Guard delivered 6 pallets of “meals ready to eat” to the Town of Greenwich Public Safety Complex

• Between 2:00pm and 6:00pm Saturday at Round Hill Fire House and Bankslville Fire House, packaged meals and bottled water will be distributed to Greenwich residents.

Non-Potable water for flushing of the toilet can be obtained at several Fire Houses. Bring your own containers.

• Holly Hill dump will be open to the public Saturday, Aug 8, from 7:00am to 2:00pm (extended from regular closing at 12:00 noon).

The town advises residents to expect traffic given the amount of material people are trying to dispose of. Please be patient and observe social distancing during your visit.

Call 203-622-8004 to report any trees, wires, or other roadway hazards.

The power outages have caused some traffic signals to be placed on generator power or are out completely.

• Police advise that non-functioning traffic lights are treated as stop signs. Stop prior to entering the intersection and proceed when safe.

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