Truck Driver Faces Drug Charges after Crash Caused Power Outage

On April 3, Greenwich Police investigated a crash involving a truck that struck a phone pole on Edgewood Ave, causing a power failure in the area.

According to Greenwich Police a truck matching the description of the fleeing vehicle was spotted turning onto Arch Street from Railroad Ave. When Police stopped the truck and interviewed the driver, they smelled marijuana coming from inside.

A search of the truck for contraband turned up several tablets of Methadone, 10mg, in an unlabeled prescription bottle.

Mathadone is a controlled substance, available only by prescription. The driver was arrested and charged with Failing to Keep Drugs in Original Container, Illegal Possession and violating restricted Hours of a Commercial Registration.

The driver, Eliezer Perez-Roman, 35, of 10 Aidone Drive, Buena Vista Park, DE, was held on $1,000 bond and assigned a court date in Stamford Superior Court on April 17, 2017.