Trio Charged for Doing Plumbing Work without Licenses, Exorbitant Fees

Greenwich Police on Sunday arrested three men in connection to a plumbing scam.

According to Lt John Slusarz, the men ran ads online for their services under an assumed business name.

“What they did was advertise and got some business. Then they’d go in and do the work and demand payment on the spot and the reporting parties in each case thought it was exorbitant amount for the work performed.”

Police say the three men did work at three different residences in Greenwich.

Joseph Monserrate, 31, of Whittier Blvd in Poughkeepsie; Heber Marin, 34, of Intervale Ave in White Plains; and Iliri Cubi, 41, of Fowler Ave in Yonkers, NY were all charged with Illegal Sales w/o Sales Tax Permit, Violation of Home Improvement Contract Requirements, Offering Home Repair without License, Illegal Use Fictitious Trade Name, No Notice of Cancellation and Failure to Provide Notice of Cancellation Rights. Each was assigned bond of $10,000 and share a date in Stamford Superior Court on June 17, 2019.