Tinted Windows and Missing License Plate Lead to Larceny Charge in Riverside

On the afternoon of Sept 7 Greenwich Police officers on patrol in Riverside spotted a suspicious and improperly parked car obstructing the travel lane on Summit Road.

The car had illegally tinted windows and was missing a front license plate.

Contact was made with the occupant of the car who explained that he was attempting to pick up a package for his girlfriend.

On scene investigation revealed that the arrestee, Josue E Inoamatos, 20, of Yonkers, was involved in a fraudulent operation to obtain high value electronics through the mail.

The items had been purchased using a stolen identity and had been mailed to various addresses in the area.

Inoamatos was found to be in possession of fraudulently purchased cell phones which totaled $4,800.

Inoamatos was placed under arrest and charged with Failure to Display Plates, Improper Parking, Illegal Operation Motor Vehicle without Tint Inspection and Larceny 3,

Inoamatos was able to post the required 10% of his $4,800 bond and was released. He was assigned a date in Stamford superior Court on Sept 21, 2022.