Missing License Plate, Tinted Window Lead to Multiple Charges for Driver

On March 6 Greenwich Police patrolling Delavan Ave in Byram spotted a ar with no rear marker plate.

Police stopped the car and observed the plate in the rear window of the car but it was not visible from a far distance due to dark tints.

A check of the plate revealed it belonged to another car.

The VIN revealed the car was not registered.

While conducting the stop police noticed the smell of unburnt marijuana and found 15.7 grams of marijuana in the center console during a search.

A check of the driver’s Connecticut ID card revealed his license privilege had been suspended.

Daquan Michael Carter, 28, of Stamford was charged with Possession Controlled Substance, Driving Under Suspension,Violation Readable/Lost Plates, Improper Use of Plate, and Driving an Unregistered Vehicle.

He was released on a promise to appear in Stamford Superior Court on April 8, 2021.