Thieves Target Multiple Homes for Burglary Via Back Windows

Greenwich Police announced three recent residential burglaries, all of which have in common that the thief or thieves entered from windows at the rear of houses.

A burglary on Round Hill Rd was reported on December 11.

A burglary on Shore Rd was reported on December 9.

A third burglary, this on Doubling Rd, was also reported on December 9.

In all three incidents the homeowners are inventorying their possessions to determine what might have been stolen.

A home on Stillman Lane was burgled sometime between Dec 4 and 6.

“The owner was away and their landscaper was doing work and called them and said  somebody had broken the back window of the house,” Slusarz said. “We went over there and determined it was a burglary. Somebody forced their way through a back window.”