Car Stolen from Byram, Home Burgled in Glenville

Greenwich Police say a silver 2008 RAV4 was stolen from Hartford Ave in Byram near I95 exit 2 in the overnight hours between Dec 6 and the 7. The police could not confirm whether the car had been left unlocked with keys inside.

On a positive note, Lt Slusarz said the frequency of car thefts has declined in recent weeks.

“I strongly recommend people lock their cars and take their keys inside,” Slusarz said. “People shouldn’t leave valuables in their cars, including loose change. Don’t be lazy. Make sure nothing of value can be seen. Lock your car door and take your keys with you.”

Also police say a house on Stillman Lane in back country was burgled sometime between Dec 4 and 6.

“The owner was away and their landscaper was doing work and called them and said  somebody had broken the back window of the house,” Slusarz said. “We went over there and determined it was a burglary. Somebody forced their way through a back window.”

Slusarz said the residents are still doing inventory to determine what is missing.