On Greenwich Ave, An Unlocked Car Leads to Larceny

In an case of Larceny 6th degree, on Saturday, March 19, Greenwich Police report that a woman who was out shopping placed some of her purchases in her car and went back to shopping in the area of 254 Greenwich Ave.

According to Lt. Kraig Gray, when the victim returned to her car, she discovered two bags were taken out of her car, which had been left unlocked.

Greenwich Police advise residents to lock their cars, whether they are out shopping or parked in the driveway, and not to leave their keys in the car.

  • Sarah Darer Littman

    I have a question for Lt. Kraig Gray – it seems like every week I read about a theft in Greenwich involving an unlocked car. A few days ago it was a $10K Rolex someone left in their unlocked Range Rover at Greenwich Point while they went for a stroll. So my question to Lt. Gray: How many of the thefts in Greenwich every year involve this kind of contributory negligence, where people apparently feel so entitled that they don’t need to employ basic common sense?

    • Allison Vera

      Bear in mind that one must possess common sense in order to employ it. And my experience has been that common sense is not common.

      • Sarah Darer Littman

        True, Allison. It would be fascinating to see a Venn diagram of people in town who believe believe the poor are responsible for their own misfortune (for all the reasons we hear in political discourse, which I will not repeat here) , those who believe there are structural inequity factors, and those who are involved in these contributory negligence incidents.