Nearby in Norwalk: MTA Train vs Van

At 6:30 PM Saturday, Norwalk Combined Dispatch received multiple 911 calls reporting that a train had struck a vehicle at the Glover Avenue railroad crossing on the Metro-North Danbury Line.

Norwalk Police, Norwalk Fire, Norwalk Hospital EMS and MTA Police responded. A witness at the scene reported that he observed that a van that appeared to be stuck on the tracks and that the occupants of the van exited the vehicle prior to the impact of the northbound Metro-North passenger train.

No physical injuries reported to the occupants of the train or the van.

It was snowing in the area at the time of the accident. Responders reported that there were approximately 100 passengers on the train.

The van, the train and the railroad crossing reportedly sustained damage in the incident.

The Glover Avenue crossing is located approximately 1/10 mile west of the Route 7 / Merritt Parkway intersection. The MTA Police Department is the lead agency in the investigation. Norwalk Police Tip Line at 203-854-3111