Multiple Charges for Man Attempting to Cash Fraudulent Check at Wells Fargo Bank in Greenwich

Van Pell Parker, 53, of 524 Knickerbocker Street in Brooklyn, was arrested on Tuesday, May 10 for an incident that took place around 2pm on North Water Street in Byram.

On May 10, Greenwich Police were detailed to Wells Fargo on the report of a subject attempting to cash a possibly fraudulent check. The person in question, who was eventually identified as Mr. Parker, presented police with a fake Ohio driver’s license and phony credit card for identification to cash a cashier’s check.

On Tuesday, a manager at Wells Fargo manager contacted the owners of the account that the check was drawn from. According to Greenwich Police, the account owners confirmed that they did not know the subject attempting to cash the check and had not issued the check.

After fingerprinting Parker under a false name, AFIS hit determined his true identity and further investigation of the license with the I.D. Check Guide and the credit card company’s assistance, it was determined both were fraudulent items.

Parker was charged with conspiracy to Commit Larceny 2nd degree, Credit Cart Counterfeiting, Identity Theft 2nd degree, Criminal Impersonation, Forgery 1st degree, Forgery 2nd Degree, Interfering with an Officer and Conspiracy (a Class C Felony).

Parker has a court date in Stamford Superior Court on May 18. He is being held on a bond of $75,000.