Moving Day Results in Arrest of Two Who Threw Items At Each Other By a U-Haul

On Friday Oct 13, Greenwich Police arrested two parties involved in an argument that took place during a move.

According to Greenwich Police, around 3:00pm, numerous police were detailed to Brook Drive on a report of an argument between two people.

Upon arrival officers met with two people who were moving items into a U-Haul truck when the argument started. The argument escalated to the point where one person pushed the other.

Eventually the two began throwing items at each other and one kicked a dresser out of the U-Haul to the ground, breaking it.

Both were interviewed at the scene and each related similar accounts of the incident.

One was charged with Criminal Mischief 2 and Disorderly Conduct. The other was charged with Disorderly Conduct.

Each was released on a $300 bond and they share a court date of Oct 16, 2017.