Man Caught Using Fake Credit Cards, IDs to Buy Cigarettes at Shell Station

A New York man was arrested by Greenwich Police on June 9 and faces multiple charges involving credit cards.

According to Lt. David Nemecek, the Mashantucket Tribal Police Dept informed Greenwich Police that they had Mr. Walthrust in custody and were aware of a warrant for his arrest by GPD.

Nemecek said that the suspect had purchased items at the Shell Station on West Putnam Avenue using different IDs and different credit cards and was attempting to get cartons of cigarettes.

Stephon Ruben Walthrust, 24, was charged with Larceny 6 (3 counts), Credit Card Theft (3 counts), Credit Card Fraud (3 counts), Illegal Use of Credit Card (3 counts), Unlawful Reproduction of Credit Card (3 counts), Receiving Stolen Goods (3 counts), Identity Theft 3 (3 counts), Criminal Impersonation (3 counts) and Forgery 3 (3 counts).

Walthrust was unable to post his bond of $20,000. He was assigned a court date on June 19.