Greenwich Police Respond to Reports of Three Raccoons, One Skunk, Eight Dogs

Greenwich Police have responded to several reports involving raccoons last week, including one that fell through someone’s skylight.

According to Lt Slusarz, the incident took place on Feb 7 around 5:30am on Silver Beech Rd, which is off Sound Beach Extension.

Residents reported the raccoon fell through a second floor bathroom skylight and ran around the house.

Police responded and chased the animal out of the house.

Then, on Feb 9, a resident reported that a family of raccoons set up residence on the rear deck of his Spring Street home, which is off Old Field Point Road.

“We referred this to a wildlife removal company,” Slusarz said. “If there’s an animal in distress or, in the last case, falling through a window, if we can get it back to nature, that’s fine. But, if they set up residence on your porch, we refer you to a company who can capture and relocate them.”

The third raccoon was reported on Sunday Feb 9 around 11:00am. In this instance Police responded to Tod’s Point where there was a dead raccoon.

Another case involved a skunk. Police say a resident on St Claire Ave in Old Greenwich reported there was a sick or dead skunk in his driveway. Slusarz said police euthanized the animal. “We have vehicles equipped with .22 rifles,” he explained.

Lastly, on Feb 9, a resident called to complain that there was a person with 8 dogs in the Grass Island dog park and wouldn’t let him in. By the time Animal Control arrived, the person and 8 dogs had departed.