Stephanie Seymour Arrested Again. Charged for Evading a Second Crash on Jan 15

Greenwich Police arrested Stephanie Seymour, 47,  of 924 North St on Feb. 1.

Ms. Seymour turned herself in at Greenwich Police Headquarters at about 9:05am on Monday morning on an active Greenwich Police arrest warrant signed by the honorable Judge Grogins.

Ms. Seymour was charged with Evading Responsibility and Failing to Drive in Proper Lane for an incident at Stanwich Rd and Crown Lane on January 15. Ms. Seymour was previously charged by State Police on Jan 15 following a crash that took place at about 9:30pm at the foot of the Exit 5 ramp in I95 in which she backed her Land Rover into a Mercedes driven by a New Haven couple.

According to a supplemental Greenwich Police narrative, back on Jan. 15 the CT State Police trooper who arrested Ms Seymour for DUI and Unsafe Backing after the crash at the foot of the off-ramp noted that her 2015 Land Rover also had fresh front end damage from a previous, unknown crash that was consistent with a collision with a tree or utility pole.

According to Lt Kraig Gray, Greenwich Police received a call from a resident that a utility pole had been hit and broken in half on Stanwich Rd by Crown Lane on Jan. 15.

An hour after State Police responded to the I95 exit ramp crash, in which Ms. Seymour allegedly backed up into the Mercedes behind her, Greenwich Police responded to the call about damage to the utility pole.

According to the police supplemental narrative, “The investigating officer found numerous pieces of vehicle parts and debris surrounding the damaged utility pole.”

The officer collected and positively identified the physical evidence left at the scene, narrowing the search to a Land Rover as a suspect vehicle. The investigating officer was able to affect a positive, unique, match of physical evidence left at the scene corresponding to the break patterns on Ms. Seymour’s vehicle.

The investigating officer noted that the utility pole was a short distance from Ms. Seymour’s home.

Subsequently the arrest warrant for Evading Responsibility and Failure to Drive in Proper Lane was signed by the Honorable Judge Grogins.

Seymour has a court date on Feb 7 in Stamford Superior Court. Her bond was set at $500 which she was able to post.

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