GPD: Riverside Man Arrested Twice in a Week

A Riverside man was arrested twice last week.

Around 2:30pm on Aug 17, officers responded to a residence on the report of a physical altercation between Douglas Frost Denunzio, 29, of Terrace Ave and a victim.

Investigation determined that during the fight, Denunzio lunged at a victim, scratching them on their arms. He was charged with Disorderly Conduct and released on a promise to appear on the next available court date on Aug 18, 2020.

On Aug 19, Denunzio was charged again with Disorderly conduct after they responded to a report of a fight around 10:30am in which Denunzio had struck the victim in the stomach with his right hand. Police say the victim sustained no injuries and Denunzio was released on a written promise to appear and was assigned a court date on Aug 20, 2020.