Prihoda: Legislators should support “Take Back the Grid Act”

Letter To the Editor form Monica Prihoda, August 21, 2020

Please note that while I am an RTM representative from Old Greenwich District 6 I write this on my own behalf and not the RTM.

Thanks to the intervention of Senator Alex Kasser, Optimum showed up and restored service to my internet, cable and home phone today which I had been without since August 4th when Tropical storm Isaias hit Connecticut.

I look forward to Senator Kasser’s, Representative Steve Meskers’ intervention on behalf of all Eversource, Optimum and other service providers at upcoming hearings.  I hope all Senators and Representatives to Hartford representing all CT constituents support the proposed “Take back the Grid Act.”

As a footnote fact:  I received my Eversource bill which is double the usual bill.  For what?  No service for one week?  I wonder:  Is the cost of inept storm recovery service passed on to the consumer instead of absorbed by the Eversource CEO with a $19.8 million plus pay package including a $3 million bonus and $51 million golden parachute should he resign?  With the recent SEC filing, Eversource assures its shareholders they also will feel no impact.  Wow.

I thank all our state Senators, Representatives and First Selectman Fred Camillo in pursing these gross inequities to their constituents’ bottom lines.

Respectfully yours,
Monica Prihoda