GPD Offer Tips to Deter Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

Porch pirates are thieves who drive through residential neighborhoods checking front porches for packages that have been delivered but not yet retrieved by their rightful owners.

Greenwich Police suggest several measures you can take to prevent porch pirates from targeting you:

• If possible, have your packages delivered to your workplace instead of your home.

• Have your packages delivered to a trusted friend or relative’s home instead of yours.

• If you receive lots of packages it might be worth renting a post office box and picking the packages up at your convenience.

• Check the tracking information for each of your expected deliveries every morning so you will have an idea when the package is due to arrive.

• Ask your neighbors to give you a call if they happen to see a package sitting on your porch. Who knows, you might be in the shower or napping on the couch and not realize that the delivery van has come and gone.