GPD: Greenwich Continues to Recover as Second Nor’Easter Looms

As of 2:00pm on Monday, 21 roads remain closed in the Town of Greenwich and six more have partial closures due to tree and utility lines down.

This is down from 180 roadways closed in Greenwich at the height of the weekend storm.

The utility companies have been working to clear the roadways as quickly as possible.

Please do not go near or touch downed wires, even if the power is off in your neighborhood.

The wires may be energized from another source and cause serious injury or death if touched.

Use caution when using, heaters, or cooking equipment that run carbon-based fuels inside.

They may cause carbon monoxide poisoning if improperly used. CO is a colorless and odorless gas which could result in loss of consciousness and/or death. It is produced during incomplete burning of organic matter.

Plan ahead and schedule extra time.

Roadways are expected to be congested as the town works to recover from Friday’s storm.

Residents should monitor news outlets and prepare for another winter storm expected midweek.

Photo contriubted: Eversource

Photo contriubted: Eversource

As of 5:00pm on Monday, Eversource reported that their restoration effort continues following Friday’s storm that left thousands of customers without power.

With the help of additional out-of-state crews from around the country, Eversource is focusing on the remaining single or scattered outages.

According to Eversource, crews have replaced more than 550 utility poles and strung more than 100 miles of new overhead lines, yet work continues around-the-clock making the necessary repairs to get every customer back on line.

These final outages are more complex, take additional time to complete and may require assistance from a private electrician or contractor. Lineworkers are going to each of these individual locations to assess what additional equipment or effort may be required to make repairs.