Counterfeit $20 at Taco Bell Drive Through Results in Multiple Charges for Driver

On March 13 around noon, Greenwich Police responded to Taco Bell in Old Greenwich on a report of people attempting to pass a possible counterfeit $20 bill.

Upon arrival police located the suspected vehicle, a 2017 Toyota Corolla pulling out of the driveway. The car’s registration was suspended due to an insurance lapse and the driver, Jeffrey D Bean, 24, of  5480 Broadway in Bronx, NY, only had a learner’s permit.

The occupants of the car gave officers consent to search their person and vehicle and a small amount of substance suspected to be marijuana was located in the car.

Further, inspection of the $20 showed it had characteristics of being counterfeited.

Mr. Bean was charged with Forgery 1, Possession of cannabis less than 1/2 oz, Failure to Insure Motor Vehicle, Operating Unregistered Motor Vehicle and Driving with No License.

His bond was set at $1,000 which he was unable to post. He was assigned a court date of March 21, 2018 in Stamford Superior Court.