Construction Accident on North Street Results in Injuries to Several Workers

At about 5pm on Tuesday, Greenwich Police,  Greenwich Fire Dept, and  GEMS  were  detailed  to  the  600  block  of  North  St  and  advised  that  several  workers  were  injured  when  a  wall  collapsed  on  them.

According to a statement from Lt. Gray of Greenwich Police,  the accident took place at a  remote  section  of  a  large  property  in  the  back  country  where 12  workers  were  attempting  to  lift  a  section  of  wall,  25  ft  long  and  15  ft  tall  constructed  of  2″x8″  LCL  manufactured  lumber  with  3/4″  plywood  sheathing.

The  wall  was  lifted  approximately  shoulder  height  when  2  of  the  workers  went  under  the  section  of  and  the  wall  dropped.  The  section  of  wall  was  lifted  off  of  the  victims   by  the  other  crew  members  and  a  foreman  with  first  aid  training    rendered  medical  assistance.

Upon  arrival  of  the  emergency  services  workers  the  construction  crew  created  a  impromptu  ramp  to  assist  in  the  rapid  and  stable  extrication  of  their  injured  coworkers.

The  injured  workers  were  transported  to   Stamford  Hospital  where  their  current  condition  unknown  however  one  of  the  workers  suffered  serious  and  potentially  life  threatening  injuries.  The  scene  has  been  turned  over  to  the  state  of  CT  OSHA  for  follow  up.

Greenwich Police have no information  regarding  the  patients’  names,  the  name  of  the  company  that  they  work  for    or  the  owner  of  the  property.  This report will be updated when more information becomes available.