Bogus Benjamins Turn Up at Post Office on Amogerone Crossway

In a report of a Financial Crime that took place at the US Post office on Amogerone Crossway on June 7, police say they heard the post office about an hour and a half after several counterfeit $100 bills were passed.

According to Lt Slusarz, the bills were used to purchase a money order, and the case is under investigation.

“It effects the area, it’s a regional problem,” Slusarz said. “People should pay attention to what they’re taking and what they’re giving.”

Police say that in this incident and any time there is counterfeit passed, the Secret Service is notified.

“The Secret Service has their own policies and procedures as to what cases they pick up,” Lt. Slusarz said.”If you find you’re in receipt of it, leave it off to the side, and let us collect it to get whatever trace evidence we can get from it.”

Lt Slusarz said counterfeit is a prevalent enough problem that the Greenwich Police prompted by the Secret Service, put out a warning last week.

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