Activists March on Real Estate Developer’s Greenwich Home

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Angry Activists targeted  Greenwich real estate developer Ron Moelis  on Thursday morning. In a bold move, the activists traveled by bus from Brooklyn to Greenwich  to stage their protest outside Mr. Moelis’ compound on Cliffdale Rd.

The activists were low-income and moderate-income tenants who claim to have been harmed by Ron Moelis, who they call “the gentrification king of New York City.”

The crowd shouted “Fight, fight, fight. Housing isn’t right” as they moved toward Mr. Moelis’ home.

A statement from the protest organizers claims Mr. Moelis is destroying low-income communities from Harlem to Brooklyn by using political connections, campaign contributions and taxpayer subsidies to gentrify neighborhoods.

After protesting in Greenwich, the group, who used the hashtag #realgentrifiers, held a similar event in New York City at 1:00pm, gathering in front of Moelis’ apartment building at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.


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