Ten Fun Ways to Cure Your Coronacation Boredom

Firstly, thank you so very much to the nurses, doctors, delivery drivers, grocery store clerks and staff, the teachers and school administrators, and any other workers and volunteers that are on the front lines to try to help us through this unprecedented pandemic.

Although I’ve been a “stay at home” mom since my first baby was born over 11 years go, I’m  typically not the stay at home and hang out kind of mom. I’ve never taken my time home with my kids for granted and I’ve always been the first one to organize an exciting getaway weekend or vacation or just a day trip adventure, be it with family or friends. We have always had so much fun together and have made so many amazing memories.

Staying safely at home for these past few weeks since the quarantine began has been the biggest challenge in my parenting to date. We can’t go anywhere, so what should we do? Mom, I’m bored. Mom, I’m hungry. Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom…

I have kids who are fantastic at finding adventure, making messes, and taking risks…so they have been happily helping us to make some Coronacation memories while quarantined to the small parcel of the world in which we live, but finding new and exciting adventures to have without leaving home or the block we live on has certainly been a challenge.

Here are our top 10 ideas/activities if you are feeling like you need a little more than just staring out your window wondering when you can go grab a coffee at your favorite spot or out for a burger or some sushi or even just to Tod’s point or another of your family’s favorite local parks for a walk or some form of recreation.

1.Take a personality quiz. Click the link to see how you fare. https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

2. Clean out a junk drawer (or 2). If that’s not enough, tackle cleaning out your garage!

3. Take your kids on a virtual field trip- Do you prefer an Art museum or National park? There are so many options including:

The Guggenheim

Yellowstone National Park

4. 2020 Covid-19 time capsule sheets (1) You are literally living through history right now, it will be fun to look at it in 10-20 years.


5. Read that book that you’ve been meaning to read for years!

Here are some best sellers that you can either buy or download onto your digital device. Here is the New York Times best seller list.

6. Redecorate by moving around the furniture in your living room and painting the walls a fun, new color that will bring you joy during this very uncertain time.

7. Write some short letters to friends and family near or far and add a cute little drawing. I received one the other day from a very dear friend and I can’t tell you how much it brightened my day!                                        

8. Do a puzzle (or 10!) We have finished quite a few at our house already.

9. Build a fort – a blanket fort inside,  or outside you could pitch a tent or build a teepee with all those sticks laying around (now you’re cleaning up the yard as well).

10.  Bake. Cook if you prefer. I actually find baking extremely relaxing and therapeutic. I know this isn’t the case for some, but honestly, since the kids are home ALL day and they are ALWAYS hungry- it fills 2 requirements, taking up time and feeding the kids!

Remember, we are in this together, even though we are apart. If anyone needs anything, please reach out to the Momtourage. This one or your own.

Socially distanced just like you,
The Momtourage