Open House at The Children’s School: Literacy Is the Gateway

The cluster of skills that we call “literacy”—the ability to speak clearly and listen with care, to write imaginatively and to lose oneself in the magic of reading—are a fundamental area of learning in the early years. Learning to read, write and speak expressively is the gateway to deep learning, success in work and a meaningful life of relationships and community.

Visitors to our classrooms will observe children who are immersed in an environment rich with language and books, one that encourages them to communicate effectively and develop a love of reading. The youngest students learn that active listening is a way to show respect for others. By hearing the teachers use affirmative, vocabulary-rich language, students become adept in expressing themselves orally.

Early reading begins as younger children discover the shapes and sounds of letters through multisensory materials. As their comprehension and vocabularies become stronger, students have access to a beautiful library and countless opportunities to explore books on their own and to be read aloud to by their teachers. They also develop their linguistic fluency by becoming writers themselves.

The youngest students begin with exploring a variety of writing instruments and having ample opportunities to practice their hand skills. Through engaging materials and exercises, children soon progress to creating and illustrating their own stories, which are bound as books and become treasured keepsakes for families.

In the words of Maureen Murphy, Head of School: “The Children’s School takes pride in seeing its students travel the arc of growth and confidence as they learn to listen, speak, read and write. How could it be otherwise? A thoughtful approach to literacy allows children to step into the larger world of imagination, self-expression and knowledge.”

The Children’s School is an independent primary school in Stamford serving children ages 3 to 8. Over the past 56 years, the School has been recognized nationally for the unique, award-winning learning experience it offers young children in its classrooms. Special features include a highly trained staff, who come to know each child well thanks to a 6-to-1 student-teacher ratio, and an original approach to teaching and learning that integrates an expert knowledge of child development as well as new understandings of the young brain from institutions such as the Yale Child Study Center and Harvard’s Center for the Developing Child. Stimulating, Montessori-based learning materials, a bountiful library and smart use of technologies further ignite a child’s curiosity and build independent habits of mind and heart.

We invite parents to our open house on Friday April 9 from 5:00-7:00pm to learn more about the School’s innovative and nurturing approach to literacy and the groundbreaking practices that have earned it a standout reputation across the region and nationally. Explore our website at  Please call 203-329-8815 to RSVP or for more information.