India Cultural Center & Eagle Hill School to Host Dr. Hansa Bhargava, Author of Parenting Book

The India Cultural Center (ICC) will partner with Eagle Hill School in presenting Dr. Hansa Bhargava and Rupal Parekh, PHD and Assistant Professor at UConn, on October 20th at 7:00pm at the Eagle Hill School Community Room in Greenwich, Connecticut. Dr. Bhargava and Parekh will discuss the growing epidemic of kid burnout and what parents and community institutions can do to address the toll stress is taking on kids.

Dr. Hansa Bhargava, author of the book, Building Happier Kids: Stress-busting Tools for Parents will discuss steps to help parents prevent mental health diseases, recognize warning signs, and promote resiliency in their kids on October 20th at 7pm.

As children are struggling more and more with their mental well-being, parents are struggling with the challenges of navigating the fast-paced life of screens and school, and to promote an overall healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Bhargava’s book, Building Happier Kids: Stress-busting Tools for Parents offers practical, concrete steps to help parents prevent mental health diseases, recognize warning signs, and promote resiliency in their kids. Dr. Bhargava will discuss with Rupal Parekh the importance of taking an intentional pause from life’s nonstop pace and creating space for family time and communication.

Hansa Bhargava, MD, is Chief Medical Officer at Medscape Education. Her leadership includes initiatives for physicians and healthcare professionals, focused on resilience, burnout, and mental health.  She is an expert in parenting, mental health, and pregnancy and helped develop WebMD Baby and Pregnancy Apps.  Dr. Bhargava is frequently interviewed on issues of health and well-being in children and has appeared on CNN, HLN, and WSJ Radio.  Her insights have appeared in Politico, NPR, Parents, Salon, and Vice.  She regularly contributes to Forbes.  Dr. Bhargava graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine and completed her residency at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

Rupal-Parekh PhD, Assistant Professor at UConn will discuss the growing epidemic of kid burnout on October 20th at 7:00pm.

Rupal Parekh, is a clinically trained Social Worker and an Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work.

She has over a decade of professional and practice experience working with ethnically diverse older adult and youth populations in clinical settings. She develops intergenerational programs to reduce loneliness and improve health and mental health outcomes for both youth and older adults. She is an active board member of For all Ages, a non-profit organization based in Hartford, CT connecting multiple generations of youth and adults to reduce ageism, improve health outcomes and increase social connections.

Her research examines the perceived benefits of participating in intergenerational activities with socially isolated youth and older adults. Dr. Parekh graduated from Columbia University School of Social Work and Mailman School of Public Health and completed her PhD at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Copies of Building Happier Children: Stress-busting Tools for Parents will be available for sale by Diane’s Books before and after the moderated discussion. To register for this event, please go to

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