Greenwich Schools District-Wide Anti-Bullying Day Set for Thursday

Thursday is “The Care for Others – Names Can Hurt us Day” in Greenwich Public Schools. Throughout the day in Greenwich Schools events will promote a safe school climate by fostering social-emotional skills while reinforcing the district’s norms:

  • Be Here
  • Be Safe
  • Be Honest
  • Care for Self and Others
  • Let Go and Move On.

Greenwich High School will present the school’s twelfth annual Names Day events and activities.

The day promotes empathy, care for others and perspective taking. Teachers are provided with lesson plan ideas to use during morning meetings and advisory time. Students will be presented with scenarios (pictures and videos) and asked to brainstorm ways they can show care for others.

Teachers will discuss the importance and benefits of caring for others in addition to ways to show care and empathy. A conversation will be held about how words can hurt others and ways to prevent this from happening.

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All media specialists in the district are assisting teachers by providing them with books and materials about caring for others. Students will engage in activities that reinforce the skills they have learned.

Future events will involve parents and local community organizations as partners in this initiative, with the objective of supporting the social-emotional well being of all children in the Greenwich Public Schools.