Christ Church to Host Sunday Forum: The Art and Power of Parenting Children, Teens and Our Adult Children

Christ Church is hosting a free talk, coffee, and conversation at their Sunday Forum on on Sunday, Dec. 11 at 11:15 am.

“The Art and Power of Parenting Children, Teens, and Our Adult Children” with Jill Woolworth, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Christ Church Greenwich Parish Hall, 254 East Putnam Ave, Greenwich. In-person or livestream:

Raising young children is stressful and complicated but there is lots of help out there from books, in-person parenting groups, websites, school teachers, doctors, and seminars to Tik Tok videos. But once children reach adulthood, the instruction stops. Roles shift with a changing parent-child dynamic. Many parents find themselves still involved with financial and emotional dependence, talking to their kids everyday. As the saying goes, little kids, little problems, big kids, big problems.

Helping young adults navigate their life is getting harder and more complicated.

How can we do this better, protecting our own stress levels, involvement, and helping them to be more resilient and confident?

Jill Woolworth is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with 22 years of experience, author of The Waterwheel–Practical Wisdom for Common Concerns, grandmother of four, mother of three, mother-in-law of two, and owner of one golden retriever. She worked at the Greenwich Center for Hope & Renewal in backcountry Greenwich since its inception after a decade in Norwalk at the Christian Counseling Center.

Christ Church is a lively community of faith composed of people with diverse backgrounds, circumstances, and spiritual journeys, bound together by God’s love for all people everywhere and united in the common mission to seek and serve God in all persons. We fulfill this work through the dedicated ministries of over 300 volunteers annually, who serve on more than 40 commissions, committees, guilds and task forces. In addition, the church hosts and supports more than 20 community meetings per week including 12-step programs, choral and music groups, neighborhood groups, and children’s programs. The Christ Church Preschool is a regional leader in early education, and our bookstore, Dogwood Gifts and Books, is a thriving resource of both faith-based and secular books. Their 40-year partnership with Neighbor to Neighbor allows them to serve those in Greenwich who are in need of food.

The Mission of Christ Church Greenwich is to be a vibrant Episcopal community proclaiming God’s love for every human being, no exceptions. Following Jesus’ teachings is their compass for personal growth, community outreach and harmonious living. Its vision is to seek and serve God in all people through inspiration from the Bible, worship, community outreach, music, and art in our sacred historic home.

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