Indivisible Greenwich Issues Statement on Blogger’s “Misogynistic” Efforts to Undermine Female RTM Candidates

Statement on behalf of Indivisible Greenwich regarding the effort to undermine female RTM candidates, Oct 30, 2017

Indivisible Greenwich is comprised of hundreds of current and former law partners, doctors, business executives, government officials, authors and many others – responsible, intelligent and thoughtful men and women who have joined with 6,000+ branches of people from all parties and no party, to protect our democratic institutions and our most vulnerable populations from certain actions by the Trump administration.

We are writing today to expose and to stand against a campaign by a local blogger and his adherents who are attempting to bully and intimidate women to keep them off the RTM, the legislative branch of our town government.

The blogger attacks women who were encouraged to run by the March On group, a group he calls “Greenwich Indivisible.” He characterizes them as “angry, “suffering from [a] derangement syndrome”; “ladies who will soon tire of the drudgery of attending RTM meetings” and a “coven of shrieking banshees.” This language is that of a misogynist.

Whether trolling or not, the blogger’s further call for a boycott of all new women running because of their possible association with this group and/or ours, when there are also men from our group running, lays any question of his misogyny to rest. As with Charlottesville, there are no “fine” people who write this way or advocate these positions. This misogyny has no place in our town and it should be denounced by both parties.

We urge voters to come out to the polls in droves this November and to reject the blogger’s Trump-like bullying of female candidates. There are many strong candidates for the RTM, both male and female – voices of reason who will benefit our Town immensely. So, please don’t stop filling out your ballot after voting for the top of the ticket. Stick with it. Vote all the way down the line to the very last RTM member in your district you want to represent you.

Let’s all send a very strong message: We want and encourage men and women to become engaged in our town and this bullying behavior has no place in Greenwich.

Indivisible Greenwich