New Rules Issued about Wearing Face Coverings in Public Spaces

Metro-North announced that starting Friday, April 17 at 8:00pm, everyone – employees and customers – riding with MTA must cover their nose and mouth with a mask, scarf, or other cloth cover.

Connecticut customers were also urged to wear a face covering.

“Be sure to clean your hands before putting your mask on and avoid touching your mask while wearing it,” MTA said in a Tweet.

In addition, Gov Cuomo announced Friday that in addition to mass transit, wearing a face covering is required while using private car service, including during Uber rides and taxis.

“Is this inconvenient? Yes,” Cuomo said. “But you’re in a closed environment, by definition. You’re not socially distancing, by definition. This is a precaution for everyone that I think balances individual liberties with a social conscience.”

(There will be exceptions allowed for those who cannot wear a covering for medical reasons.)

A new executive order issued by Gov Ned Lamont will require Connecticut residents to wear a cloth face covering (not surgical masks or N95 respirators) while in public spaces, starting Monday, April 20, if they can’t maintain a safe social distance. This goes into effect Monday at 8:00pm.