Tent for Grace Church Outdoor Services Proposed at Woman’s Club on Maple Ave

Tuesday’s P&Z meeting agenda features another tent application for religious services. This time Grace Church seeks to erect a 20 x 30 tent at the Woman’s Club on Maple Ave, where they typically hold services indoors on Sundays from 9:00am to noon for a maximum of 100 people.

Woman’s Club at 89 Maple Ave in Greenwich.

Two weeks ago, after a long discussion, the commission approved a 40 x 40 tent for 4 months in the parking lot at Chabad Lubavitch’s 6 Lincoln Avenue location. Their plan is to hold religious services under the tent on Saturdays and Hebrew school on Sundays because their congregants are more comfortable meeting outdoors during pandemic. The commission said the building, which features office space, classrooms and an apartment, must not be used when the tent is in use. Other conditions for use include no amplified sound and no weekday use.

The tent at the Woman’s Club would be located on the lawn to the right of the (when facing the club from Maple). The side of the tent facing the pulpit will be left open. The seating inside the tent will include 48 seats.

The Grace Church application is unique in it would be on the lawn rather than the parking lot. They seek to have the tent up through May 2022.

Back in 1997, the Woman’s Club received permission from the ZBA for the church use in the R-20 residential zone.

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