YMCA Marlins Diving Team Place First at YMCA Nationals

The Marlins Diving Club from the YMCA of Greenwich had a spectacular showing at this year’s YMCA Diving Nationals in Coral Springs, Florida.

Under the coaching guidance of Dylan Korn, Lindsay Iordache and Brooke Reinfeld, the Men’s team placed third and the Women’s team placed first in the team standings, the team won for this first time, the top Combined Team Championship for 2019 among all YMCA diving programs.

The Marlins sent 25 divers to the national competition this year. A complete recap of the Marlins’ finishes, age group by age group, is as follows: In the Girls 11U events, Grayson Ford (Greenwich) placed 2nd on both 1m and 3m. In the Boys 11U events, Quinn Neyer (Stamford) placed 6th on 1m and 4th on 3m.

In the Girls 12-13 1m and 3m events, respectively, Ava Vranos (Old Greenwich) placed 6th and 6th; Annelise Enters (Darien) placed 8th and 7th; and Lucille Bednar (Old Greenwich) placed 9th on 1m. In the Boys 12-13 age group, three divers competed in the 1-meter event. Declan Bannerton (Darien) placed 3rd, Jacob Winston (Old Greenwich) placed 4th; and Chase Maggio (Norwalk) placed 5th.

In the Girls 14-15 events, Annie Bingle (Riverside) won first place on both 1m and 3m, and she finished 2nd on platform. Grace Wu (Greenwich) placed 2nd on 1m and 4th on 3m. Veronica Fyfe (Hillsdale, NJ) placed 3rd on both 1m and 3m. Kaitlyn Maggio (Norwalk) placed 6th on 1m, 8th on 3m, and 3rd on platform. Ellie Scharff (Greenwich) placed 7th and 9th on 1m and 3m, respectively. Lilly Wurm (Darien) placed 11th on 1m and 7th on 3m. Julia Cabrera (Rye, NY) placed 12th on 1m and 11th on 3m. Madeline Duff (Greenwich) placed 13th on both 1m and 3m. Javiera Garcia (Old Greenwich) placed 14th on 1m and 12th on 3m. Lauren Priest (Greenwich) finished 15th on the 1-meter board.

In the Boys 14-15 events, Sawyer Neyer (Stamford) finished 5th on 1m and 4th on 3m, while Jagger Opalinski (Norwalk) finished 4th on 1m.

In the Girls 16-21 events, Hannah Craley (Redding) finished 2nd on 1m, 4th on 3m, and 12th on platform. Katie Laverty (Rye, NY) finished 5th on 1m, 8th on 3m, and 13th on platform. Madelyn Seltzer (Scarsdale, NY) finished 6th on 1m, 3 rd on 3m, and 6th on platform. Louisa Thompson (Scarsdale, NY) placed 9th on 1m and 16th on 3m. Regina Frias (Riverside) placed 11th on 1m and 17th on 3m.

Annie Bingle’s first place finishes prequalify her to the USA Diving Junior National Championships, July 30-August 5, 2019, at the Allan Jones Aquatic Center at the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville, TN.

The Marlins Diving Club will be back in the pool competing on May 3-5 at the 2019 USA Diving Regional Qualifier held at the YMCA of Greenwich.

To learn more about the Marlins Diving Club, go to their website at www.marlinsdiveclub.com or follow them on Instagram @MarlinsDivingClub.