Greenwich Road Runners Invite Runners (and Walkers) to “Finish Eliza’s Run”

Greenwich Road Runners and members of the Greenwich community will meet Friday morning October 21, 2022 to honor Eliza Fletcher, a kindergarten teacher, wife and mom of two young children who was kidnapped and killed during a pre-dawn run in Memphis, Tennessee in early September. Greenwich Road Runners is organizing an early morning run/walk to complete the miles that Eliza, an accomplished marathoner, never did.  

Like thousands of runners around the U.S. who have gathered to finish Eliza’s run, Greenwich Road Runners and our members wants to raise awareness of the dangers runners face, especially women and to celebrate Eliza’s life. 

Runners and walkers can choose distances ranging from 1.5 to 4.1 miles on a course that begins and ends at the host’s site, Rafael’s Bakery on Mason Street.

Participants will meet at Raphael’s Bakery at 5:30am and receive a short safety briefing before heading out to finish Eliza’s run.

All are welcome to gather at Raphael’s after the run/walk for discounted morning coffee and croissants.

QR Password: ELIZA

Participants will also receive a custom runners safety alarms courtesy of Christine Podber, a local Licensed Professional Counselor and active member of the Greenwich Road Runners. 

Donation can be made to the Liza Wellford Fletcher Fund:

For more information and to sign up:

The event is to promote runner’s safety and bring awareness to the dangers women face running as noted during the tragic kidnapping and murder of Eliza Fletcher during a pre-dawn run in Memphis TN.  After a brief discussion about safety, we will break up in to several smaller groups; walkers, leisure pace runners and a faster running group.

Participants are asked to wear reflective gear, utilize the sidewalks and obey the traffic lights and signs. In addition organizers will be bringing extra reflective vest and lights to hand out to participants.