Le Grande Ave Condo in Greenwich Sells for $1.2M

The following property transfers were recorded at the Assessor’s office in Greenwich Town Hall through March 7, 2014:

20 West End Ave from Expert Construction Group, LLC to Lisette coen on March 6, 2014 for $3,825,000

*59 Le Grande Ave, Unit 5 (featured photo) from Theodore Pincus to Burak Alici on March 6, 2014 for $1,200,000

19-23 West Putnam Ave from Service Realty LLC to Paradigm 19-23 West Putnam Ave LLC on March 6, 2014  for $13,000,000

0 South Street from Ernest J Gentile III to Brian J Gentile on march 6, 2014 for $190,462.32

15 Lafayette Court, Unit 4a & Garage from Dorothy A Fay to Raymond and Patricia Johnson on March 7, 2014 for $750,000

52 Lafayette Place #4b from Beverly B Crabtree to Ludmila Lungu on March 7, 2104 for $237,500

37 Hassake Rd from Estate of Susanne C Bergendorf, Executrix to Chang Luon on March 7, 2014 for $675,000

150 Pemberwick Rd from Estate of Dorothy M Washburn, Brian J Washburn & Chester F Washburn, JR, Co-Executors to W2W Entertainment, Inc. on March 7, 2014 for $470,000

37 Perkins Rd from DBS Bank Limited Hong Kong to Fisk Management LLC on March 7, 2014 for $2,100,000

34 Greenwich Hills Dr from Raymond T Johnson and Patricia A Johnson to Mario A Bauduin and Karen E Tepper on March 7, 2104 for $690,000